Electronic equipment, drones and bicycles

Especially in respect of products like drones, bicycles and electronic equipment, many surprising questions are arising:

  • Do I have to fulfil the requirements of the CE marking? If so: Do I fulfil them correctly?
  • Which prohibitions on materials do I have to observe?
  • Do I have to keep the disposal in mind already prior to the commencement of distribution?
  • How takes place the registration of new products with the registry for waste electrical and electronic equipment?
  • Which special obligations do I have to observe regarding the distribution of batteries?

We gladly support you – as far as necessary also by cooperation partners, esp. specialized engineers.

In case of non-compliance with the rules and regulations, there namely is the threat of a prohibition of distribution. Also severe fines up to sanctions according to criminal law can be the consequence.


Regarding modern aircrafts, for example drones, further regulations have to be adhered to, e.g. no-fly zones, usage limits, etc.

Diverse questions are arising for distributors:

In which cases is a drone flight considered as being commercial? Where may I take aerial photographs? How may I market them?

In case of non-compliance with the usage limits, there is the threat of admonishment-notifications and severe punishment.

For users questions arise like:

What may be shown on the aerial photographs? How can I distribute such photographs or share in the web?