Registration of trademarks and design patents

Our law firm being specialised on IP matters will gladly advice and support you in the preliminary stage of the registration procedure and represent you regarding the registration of national, European and international IP (trademarks and design patents) with the

  • DPMA in Munich and Jena,
  • EUIPO in Alicante/Spain and
  • WIPO in Geneva/Switzerland.

Moreover we are coordinating international IP strategies worldwide as you may wish to get the possibility of a one-stop-shop-partner which saves time and nerves – moreover often even money.

Legal defence and enforcement of own rights

Being a specialized law firm based in Frankfurt/Main, we defend your registered (as well as non-registered) IP rights against counterfeiters and other infringers of law.
In the event that third parties claim rights against you, we will examine the justification of such a claim and support you in your defence.

Advice by our law firm is competent and always under consideration of your interest and aims.
Upon request, we represent you at any court of the Federal Republic of Germany (except the Federal Supreme Court of Justice), especially also at the special courts for IP rights.

As well we gladly assist and support you regarding contacting the authorities, especially the Customs, in case of an intended seizure of imitations, which shall be exported to Germany from outside of the EU. Thereby it often can be prevented that such goods are being imported into the territory of the European Union at all. Because once the imitation is in the EU, it often already is too late.

Your lawyer at fairs (Frankfurt/Main as well as the whole area Rhine-Main and nationwide)

Effective legal protection also is important at trade fairs and exhibitions. Being specialized lawyers, our law firm having certified specialist lawyers for protection of IP rights, we attend trade fairs and exhibitions upon request, especially in Frankfurt/Main and the Rhine-Main area, but not restricted to it, and conduct admonishment-notifications, obtain interim injunctions, arrange and control the removal of the design-copies from the boothes; also we advise you in the preliminary stage as well as regarding trade fair-inspections conducted by the Customs in order to confiscate exhibits, which infringe rights, according to customs law.

If you contact us prior to a trade fair in time, we are able to take measures regarding possible infringement procedures and, if appropriate, prepare them so that then a prohibition order can be obtained quickly and effectively.