German an Europan Trademarks

The importance of trademarks has risen dramatically over the last years. This not only becomes evident by the steadily increasing number of trademark registrations with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) in Munich and Jena as well as with the European Trade Mark Office in Alicante (European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO) as well as with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva for international registrations. It also is reflected by the increasing readiness of the enterprises to defend their trademarks and business symbols (especially the name of the enterprise).

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises as for example the – possibly legitimate! – claim of a competitor to alter the name of the enterprise on the shortest notice, it is necessary also at the foundation of an enterprise to select the name of the enterprise with caution and possibly safeguard it register-related by registration of a trademark. The jurisdiction considers it as negligent to select an enterprise name and to found an enterprise without having conducted a name and trademark research previously. In order to avoid errors regarding this matter, you should contact a specialized lawyer.

Insofar as products or services are offered, it also is advisable to investigate previously if any trademark rights of third parties are infringed unintentionally. Without the competent advice of a lawyer, one quickly experiences unpleasant surprises regarding such strategic questions. Our aim it is to avoid this.

Therefore, we undertake for you – from Frankfurt/Main but within the entire territory of the Federal Republic of Germany:

  • Trademark research and enterprise name-research.
  • Trademark registrations in Germany (DPMA), Alicante (EUIPO), and in Geneva (WIPO) (so-called IR-trademarks, which are based on a German or a European Union-trademark), furthermore single registrations in selected countries, either directly or through partners.
  • Trademark (permanent) monitoring.

We register your trademarks and thus obtain protection for them. Furthermore, we defend your trademarks against counterfeiters as well as in the case that you are accused of infringement of prior trademarks or other rights, especially in case that admonishment-notifications or interim injunctions are issued against you.

For foreign clients and colleagues we undertake the representation in Germany at the DPMA as well as at the EUIPO.

Naturally, we also defend your trademarks against possible competitors, who infringe your rights.